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It’s the start of autumn - get tested!


It’s the start of autumn - get tested!

The COVID-19 health crisis, which has quite rightly been central to our concerns for more than eighteen months, must not make us forget that other infectious agents, which are better known, much older, and in some cases sexually transmitted, continue to circulate.


The summer and its small taste of freedom, due to a relaxation of the health rules in force until then, movements of populations and new encounters, are all factors that may encourage a rebound of sexually transmitted diseases.

Whatever your age or place of residence, the Monegasque Free and Anonymous Health Screening Centre (CDAG) offers anonymous, free screening for HIV and hepatitis B, with systematic measurement of anti-HbS antibodies to check your post-vaccination immunity, and, in a non-systematic way, but which in certain cases may be justified, (depending on previous medical history, clinical context, subjects with at-risk practices, etc.), for syphilis.

In fact, syphilis, which used to be known as "the great pretender," is now tending to become "the great forgotten disease";  although the incidence rate of HIV has remained constant for several years, that of syphilis continues to rise.

In addition, we systematically carry out serology screening for hepatitis C, which, although it is not usually sexually transmitted, is still a very widespread infection, its prevalence being estimated in France at nearly 1%. This type of hepatitis most often becomes chronic, while remaining completely silent in the majority of cases, and can eventually lead to cirrhosis or even cancer of the liver. However, well-established treatment is now available for this form of hepatitis, with a recovery rate of over 95%. This shows the importance of screening.

The CDAG also offers screening to persons insured by the Monegasque social security funds:

- colorectal cancer, via a new-generation immunological test (OC-Sensor) with very high sensitivity.

- breast cancer, for women aged 50 to 80,

- cervical cancer, for young women from the age of 25

- and osteoporosis, for women aged 55 and over.

Finally, the CDAG is at your disposal to answer any questions you may have on the subjects we have just discussed, or, if necessary, to direct you to the people who are best able to answer them.

So, happy autumn and ... happy screening!


Contact details of the CDAG

CHPG - Pavillon Louis II - Avenue Pasteur

98000 Monaco

Tel:  (+377) 97 98 84 12

Appointments from Monday to Thursday:  

8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and Friday:  8 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.