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Blue March: raising awareness of colorectal cancer


Blue March: raising awareness of colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer can often be prevented through regular screening, which is recommended from the age of 50! 

Each year, the month of March is dedicated to raising public awareness of colorectal cancer prevention and screening. 

The Blue March campaign is being run by the Princess Grace Hospital and the Monegasque Screening Centre, with support from the Department of Health and Social Affairs and the Principality's healthcare professionals. 

Colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer in men and the third most common in women. The prognosis is dependent upon the stage at which the cancer is detected, screening for precancerous lesions can lead to early treatment and, therefore, prevent the development of colorectal cancer. 

For this reason, both men and women between the ages of 50 and 80 who are covered by social security in the Principality will receive a letter inviting them to undergo screening. A screening kit is available from the Monaco Screening Centre at the Princess Grace Hospital, either on request from your GP or from the Office of Occupational Medicine during your regular medical check-up. 

After the screening has been completed and placed in the pre-addressed, stamped envelope provided, it can be posted from any letterbox in the Principality to the Biology Laboratory at the Princess Grace Hospital Centre. 

The results will then be sent to the patient and their GP within a week. If the test is negative, it should be repeated in two years. In the event of a positive test, the Monegasque Screening Centre will contact the patient's GP directly so that the necessary colonoscopy can be arranged.

As part of the Blue March campaign, the Prince's Palace will be illuminated in blue on Friday, 1 March in support of this public health initiative.  

For any questions regarding colon cancer screening, please contact the Monaco Screening Centre on (+377) 97 98 83 02.