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 COVID-19: Prince’s Government discusses with APEM


COVID-19: Prince’s Government discusses with APEM

The Prince’s Government continued its dialogue with representatives of the Monaco Parent–Teacher Association (APEM) at a meeting on Tuesday 6 April. Conscious that the move to bring forward the school holiday, which will now run from Friday 9 April to Monday 26 April, could cause organisational problems for families, Minister of State Pierre Dartout, Minister of the Interior Patrice Cellario, and Commissioner General for the Department of Education, Youth and Sport Isabelle Bonnal were keen to update parents’ representatives.

It was explained to families that all of the measures initially planned would be kept in place for the early spring holiday.

It was also confirmed that the Prince Albert II Leisure Centre would be open during the spring holiday, and that its capacity and criteria for access would be expanded. In practical terms, appropriate solutions for all young people aged 3 to 25 will be offered during the period 12–23 April:

While it is not possible to use the Leisure Centre facilities in La Turbie, the Centre’s activities, initially planned to take place between 26 April and 7 May, will go ahead in the Principality at the Révoires and Parc primary schools and in Princess Antoinette Park. These activities will be open to children aged 3 to 12 from 8 am to 6 pm, and lunch will be provided.

For older children, aged 11 and up, the Pass’Sport Culture scheme will be fully operational, including all of the activities originally planned for the spring holiday (with the exception of tennis). This will be free of charge during the holiday period.

The aim is to enable as many working parents as possible to easily find care for their children within a supervised facility that offers high-quality, fun activities. As such, the capacity of the Prince Albert II Leisure Centre will be increased during the holiday from 12 to 23 April to allow all parents, including those who had not previously enrolled their child at the Centre for 26 April to 7 May, to enrol them now. 

In addition, the PARKOURS scheme, which offers pupils online revision courses that are both effective and engaging, will once again be available to those who want to take advantage of the holidays to consolidate their learning. The Prince’s Government will cover half of the cost of these courses. 

At the suggestion of the APEM, the Prince’s Government will look into the feasibility of adding an extra short holiday at the end of May. This would offer parents and pupils some additional family time, and a welcome break during a third term which will be longer than usual due to the early spring holiday. 

In parallel, the Prince’s Government confirmed that it has already asked employers in the Principality to show understanding and flexibility with regard to employees who may need to reorganise their spring leave as a result of the changes to the school calendar. Similar instructions have also been given to government departments.

Fully aware of the stresses caused by bringing the holiday forward and the limited amount of time that people have had to make arrangements, the Prince’s Government was keen to extend its thanks, via the APEM representatives, to all parents for the understanding that they have shown during the health crisis, which requires frequent changes to be made.