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Updating of birth preparation at the CHPG

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Updating of birth preparation at the CHPG

From mid-June, the Maternity Unit team is offering new antenatal and parenting preparation provision.

Organised in the form of workshops, this support, available throughout your pregnancy, is intended to be as personalised as possible. You can decide to take part in all the topics, or just choose the ones that are right for you.

Early antenatal consultation

You can attend the early antenatal consultation on your own or with your partner, ideally in the fourth month. It is an opportunity for dialogue, where you can review your birth plan, share your expectations, ask your questions and raise any potential problems (medical, social or psychological), as well as your needs for support during your pregnancy and/or after birth.

Core sessions

Offered on a weekly basis (booking required), these 45-minute group workshops answer the main questions asked by future parents:

  • When should you go to the Maternity Unit? (Uterine contractions, waters breaking, etc.)
  • Posture and breathing during pregnancy and labour (stretching exercises, massages, ball, etc.)
  • Giving birth (labour in the delivery room, birthing positions, arrival of the baby)
  • Feeding a newborn (breastfeeding and bottle feeding)
  • The initial days in the Maternity Unit (the stay, the tests carried out, etc.)
  • The return home (sleep cycle, childcare)

New sessions

To better meet your expectations, we are offering three new workshops:

  • Environmental health: to enable parents to take a different approach to the concept of “external pollutants” (cosmetics during pregnancy, baby products, etc.)
  • Emergency response at home: how to prevent risks and how to respond in the event of danger
  • Personal preparation and birth plan: for an individual meeting about your birth plan or when your baby’s birth is scheduled (procedure for stay in the event of a scheduled induction or caesarean)

Always available 

  • Nutritional workshop led by a dietician to answer your questions about your diet during pregnancy and feeding. A meal is possible under certain conditions.
  • Coaching session for dads, led by Sylvain, a midwife at the Maternity Unit, to give future fathers a chance to share their feelings about their partners’ pregnancies and ask questions “among men” (fourth Thursday of the month, no booking required).
  • Breastfeeding support every Monday, providing an opportunity for mothers and babies to get together over feeding (open attendance, no booking required).

For more information, visit our website ( or contact the Maternity Unit receptionist on +377 97 98 95 56, who can also book you onto the workshops. 

NB: Due to the current health situation, partners are not able to take part in workshops (with the exception of the early antenatal consultation and the coaching session for dads), and meals cannot be served during the nutritional workshop. 

Delphine DERNE and Irène GABRIELLI, midwives at Princess Grace Hospital