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Tips for hot weather

Prevention – Screening

Tips for hot weather

During these periods of hot weather, the Government would like to raise awareness among the Principality's residents of the health risks associated with heatwaves.

Exposure to high temperatures can be extremely stressful for the body. The most serious complications are the risk of dehydration and heat stroke.


Tips and small measures to reduce the impact of the heat:

•             Drink water frequently

•             Freshen up regularly

•             Do not go outside during the hottest hours (10am - 6pm)

•             Avoid strenuous activities during the hottest parts of the day

•             Keep your home cool

•             Never leave a person alone in a car, especially a child, even for a very short time, as the temperature inside a vehicle can rise very quickly (the same applies to pets)


Tips and small measures to limit UV exposure:

•             Wear long-sleeved clothing, a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses

•             Choose category 3 sunglasses (note that some glasses, even with dark lenses, do not protect against UV rays)

•             In addition to these measures, use sunscreen on exposed areas

•             Children under a year old should never be exposed to the sun


Exposure and the protection factor of the sun cream you use vary according to the UV index (which itself varies according to the amount of sunshine) :

•             When the UV index is between 3 and 7

•             Sun protection cream should be at least SPF 30+

•             When the UV index is between 8 and 10

•             Sun protection cream should be at least SPF 50+

•             When the index is greater than or equal to 11

•             Avoid exposure to the sun

•             Sun protection cream should be at least SPF 50+


If you feel unwell, call the fire brigade on 112.


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