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Breast cancer: optimal care

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Breast cancer: optimal care

Written by: Ms Sophie DEROUSSEN, healthcare manager, Princess Grace Hospital

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, and the leading cause of mortality due to cancer.

One in eight women will have to face the disease during their lifetime. Today, thanks to better screening (60% of cancers are now detected at an early stage) as well as the development of increasingly effective treatments, 87% of patients are still alive five years after diagnosis.

There are multiple screening tools available, beginning with palpation, and particularly self-examination. Screening tests using imagery include first and foremost mammograms (a type of x-ray that identifies tumours measuring a few millimetres which cannot be detected by palpation) and ultrasound (an examination which complements mammograms). MRI scans are also recommended in some cases.

At Princess Grace Hospital, and in the Principality more generally, we have access to the best equipment and medical and paramedical skills, enabling us to operate an excellent screening centre.

Treatment for breast cancer has made considerable progress in all areas (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc.).

As for reconstruction, Princess Grace Hospital offers several techniques. Patients monitored at Princess Grace Hospital therefore receive optimal care.

In many cases, surgery is vital, but before taking a decision, it is possible to access a second opinion. For more information, visit and 


Dr Abdol Réza BAFGHI, specialist in gynaecological and breast surgery at Princess Grace Hospital

Dr Abdol Réza BAFGHI, spécialiste en chirurgie gynécologique et chirurgie du sein au Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace