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Clinical research at the Monaco Private Haemodialysis Centre


Clinical research at the Monaco Private Haemodialysis Centre

Author: Angeline PENA PRADO, Director of Nursing Care, Head of Care Safety and Quality at Monaco Private Haemodialysis Centre (CHPM)


Ensuring continuous improvement in quality, clinical research is a fundamental pillar of patient care. It contributes to medical and paramedical excellence. It addresses important healthcare and professional development needs.

The role of nurses in this field began with Florence Nightingale in the 1850s. As early as 1966, the WHO called for research in nursing care. The nursing sciences have been around for over fifty years... And yet.

It was only the advent of APNs (Advanced Practice Nurses) that revealed the truly innovative and dynamic work done by practitioners in this field.

Building on this heritage, nurses and all of the different specialists that make up the nursing profession have invested in this competence.

From 2019 to 2021, the CHPM worked with the Scientific Centre of Monaco to set up its clinical research study called PUCE:
“Impact of using the therapeutic aid ‘Porte-saveur’ on phosphatemia and the use of chelators in chronic dialysis patients”.

In partnership with the dialysis department at Princess Grace Hospital, the CHPM monitored the diet and phosphorus intake of over 40 patients. The study served to test a new therapeutic aid dubbed “Porte-saveur”.

In 2022, the CHPM obtained funding from the ELSAN group to analyse more than eight years of data on its ‘IPAV’s (Vascular Access Protection Indicators). Based on the findings, the CHPM is producing a scientific article for nursing research journals. 

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